Custom Solutions For Safe, Secure, Financial Solutions

In a growing technological society, cybersecurity greatly impacts nearly every industry and every aspect of our lives. If your mission is to build a better, more secure financial solution, application, or institution, JACS Solutions is here. JACS Solutions helps businesses achieve more with the best technology and unbeatable security in a custom, cost-effective solution made just for business.

JACS Solutions’ smart devices, displays, and accessories for financial institutions are perfect for building a secure, locked-down solution for all needs. From financial applications to banking kiosks, JACS Solutions will work with businesses to provide the right solutions to deliver the best results. JACS Solutions’ devices and displays are perfect for a sole-purposed solution that also provides the security needed for encrypting private data, securing online connections, and even Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

JACS Solutions Tablets & Displays Are Perfect For:

Customer Loyalty Programs
Digital Signage
Banking Kiosks
Financial Applications
Product Selection & Information Kiosks
Visitor Check-In

The JACS Approach

Hardware Customization

We build solutions to work exactly how they are needed with JACS Hardware Customization services. We can build devices to fulfill any need with customization options for mode of connectivity (cellular, Wi-Fi, or PoE), operating system (Android or Windows), memory, processing power, camera, ports, and more. JACS Solutions can even incorporate built-in fingerprint and barcode scanners for a secure, total finance solution.
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Firmware Customization

Security comes first with a JACS touch solution and security begins with your firmware. Each JACS product is purged of
bloatware and consumer-grade applications found in off-the-shelf devices for a faster and are more secure. We can then add and remove the apps of your choice to and from the device, modify Android system settings, create a custom OS launcher, create a configuration-free deployment, and much more.
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Secure, Reliable Transactions

JACS Solutions can lock down customized Android devices so on-site devices and digital signage monitors are safe and secure from other networks and inaccessible from parallel networks used by third-party or contractors.

Our Capabilities

Customized Next-Gen Devices

Our smart devices incorporate Android OS to support your mission-critical business applications, interactive touch screens to best engage end-users, and Power-over-Ethernet capabilities to reduce cost and complexity for installation and maintenance. The option to customize and use them in stationary, as well as mobile settings, also gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Easy to Manage

Keep business applications updated and relevant on-the-go with JACS Solutions’ remote device management service. Gain detailed views on all your devices deployed in the field and push application changes via our OTA service portal. Save cost and resources on technical support and get end-to-end support from JACS Solutions.

Featured Products for Finance

TT800Q 4G LTE Tablet

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TT800V 4G LTE Tablet

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TD191 4G LTE Dongle

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Android PoE Touch Display

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Android Touch Display

JACS TS5503 Touch DIsplay
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