Hardware Customization

Don't Buy It Their Way, Build It Your Way

When it comes to finding the right tablets, displays, and accessories for specific businesses, one size definitely does not fit all. Customers often find that off-the-shelf mobile devices fall short of meeting their needs. Some customers want to create the next generation product to compete in their respective marketplaces. Some desire non-standard features and capabilities. And some need to find the optimal combination of specifications and cost in the end product. That’s why JACS Solutions offers unmatched hardware customization to help build the devices that are perfect for getting the job done.

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How It Works

With JACS hardware customization service build custom Android or Windows hardware. We'll work to design and manufacture custom products following our successful six-step process.
  • 1


    We will to understand the vision and gather the requirements for the end solution.

  • 2

    Concept Creation

    We will evaluate the feasibility and build a product concept based on the requirements.

  • 3

    Business Case

    We will present a business case which includes the following: ID design, conceptual specs, risks, NRE fees, and a timeline for development.

  • 4

    Development & Validation

    We will develop a sample device to be used as a proof-of-concept.

  • 5

    Pilot Production

    We will kick-off the necessary certifications and pilot production.

  • 6

    Mass Production

    We will mass-produce the device.

Customizable Hardware Specifications

Modes of Connectivity (Cellular, Wi-Fi, PoE)
Operating System

Customizable Accessories

Vehicle Docks
Extended Battery Case

The JACS Promise

Your Vision, Without Compromise

JACS Solutions can custom build mobile tablets, smartphones, large screen interactive displays, dongles, accessories, and other connected peripherals to the exact specifications needed, whether it’s an individual product or a portfolio of products. Customers have the option of specifying such things as modes of connectivity (cellular or Wi-Fi), operating system (Android or Windows), memory, processing power, camera, ports, etc. JACS can even further personalize products with corporate branding on the hardware to meet the needs of private labels.

Outstanding Development Capability

JACS Solutions offers development capabilities spanning from conceptualization, design, prototyping and testing, to certification and regulatory compliance. 70% of our worldwide workforce is in R&D, demonstrating our drive to develop the very best products on the market. Most of our engineers have had longstanding careers and successes in building telecommunications equipment, cellular networks, WLAN networks, and terminals.

Long Product Life Cycle

Part of building a cost-effective solution, is making sure that our products are able to deliver time and time again. That means creating a solution that doesn’t need to be replaced after 12-18 months like many off-the-shelf products. Not only do our products have a life cycle upwards of 3-5 years, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to both forecast and plan upgrades at a minimum of 6 months ahead of time to ensure upgrades work seamlessly with existing infrastructure and processes. Making JACS Solutions the perfect investment for today and the future.

Dedication to Customer Service

JACS Solutions enjoys creating portfolios of custom devices for customers across all industries. We pride ourselves in both the ability to develop innovative products through partnership with our customers, and our unrelenting focus on customer service and quality.

Standard Products Not Meeting Your Needs?

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