7 Things You Should Be Looking for In Your Charging Carts

Charging Carts
  1. Large Capacity
  2. Multi-Device Compatibility
  3. UV Sterilization
  4. Temperature Control
  5. Safety Features
  6. Device Protection
  7. Customization

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your personal technology investment. Regardless of if you’ve invested in smartphones, tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks, now it’s time to think about how you’re going to keep those devices properly stored and secure. One of the best ways to do that is with charging carts or charging stations. Below, you’ll find 7 things you should be looking for in your charging cart solution to help you maximize your charging cart functionality and your investment.

Large Capacity

Chances are, your organization has a number of devices you’re looking to charge and store. Therefore, you need a charging cart that’s going to be able to adequately accommodate several dozen devices, but not too many that you’re looking at a bulky, unmanageable, eye sore. To avoid sacrificing mobility, functionality, or safety, look for charging carts that can accommodate anywhere from 30-60 devices. These are ideal for segmenting, storing, and charging devices specific to a certain hospital floor, building department, or even a classroom.

Multi-Device Compatibility

If your organization is supporting multiple staff members, chances are you’re supporting multiple devices with multiple charging needs. Whether your organization is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) organization in need of an organized charging station, or your technology infrastructure is made up of different tablets, laptops, and more, you need a charging solution that’s going to accommodate more than one type of device.

UV Sterilization

While not a common feature, UV sterilization offers a great benefit to organizations of all types. UV sterilization is a cost-effective, chemical-free way to eliminate bacteria and viruses from frequently used and frequently shared devices. Gain peace-of-mind that you’re doing the best for your students, staff, patients, and stakeholders by offering this additional protection in an all-in-one charging cart solution.

Temperature Control

Temperature control or smart fan management is a great way to regulate the internal temperature of your charging carts to make sure that your devices remain cool. Proper flow-through ventilation will prevent overheating and a smart fan management feature will leverage an internal sensor to protect against voltage overloads and device damage.

Safety Features

Safety features are going to vary from charging cart to charging cart and vendor to vendor. However, there are some primary features organizations should look for in any charging cart solution. For example, overload protection is a must. Similar to temperature control, built-in overload protection will prevent overcurrent and thus overheating the devices being charged. Taking this feature a bit further, charging carts should also be equipped with an over-heat auto shut-off feature. The auto shut-off feature ensures that if your devices are ever at risk of overheating, the charging cart will automatically shut off to preserve the devices inside.

Device Protection & Security

You’ll want to know that your devices are safe, even when they are tucked away charging up. Look for sturdy construction and material, like steel or titanium, that is hard to break into to prevent theft. You’ll also want to make sure that your charging cart solution comes equipped with lockable doors. Some solutions even include mechanical anti-theft doors that prevent theft, damage, and tampering.


You may want to consider customization. You might immediately think of something like school colors or a company logo, and this can certainly be done. Yet customization can also mean much more. Maybe you want to customize the type of material used in the cabinet or even the thickness of that material. Perhaps your charging cart solution will be deployed in a country or region that requires adaptions to meet specific certifications. If you don’t want what’s on the shelf, then you’ll definitely want to consider a vendor that offers customization. Make sure you don’t have to settle on your investment.

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