3 Benefits of Leveraging Custom Touchscreens in Healthcare

Touch displays are transforming the healthcare industry. From patient check-in to wayfinding to healthcare applications, touchscreen devices are making their way into various healthcare facilities all over the world in lots of different ways. And they should, because touchscreen solutions are helping to make things more efficient and lighten the load on staff and providers. While leveraging touchscreen solutions may seem like a no-brainer, many organizations are missing out on the numerous benefits that a custom solution can bring. Instead of settling for an off-the-shelf device, check out these three major benefits that your organization could be enjoying by going custom today.

Built Just for Healthcare

Off-the-shelf devices can meet a lot of general customer needs, but sometimes they don’t come close to the demanding hardware needs of a healthcare solution. For many, a custom device is the answer to getting everything you need without settling. Custom hardware has its place in nearly every facet of healthcare including hospitals, clinical systems, home health care, research labs, and consumer workplaces. Regardless of location, a custom solution brings the best technology to your facility to optimize your care environments.

Hardware customization includes your devices’ operating system, memory, frame, casing, camera, ports, branding, etc. You can also create custom accessories to accommodate your devices like vehicle docks, mounts, enclosures, hand strands, extended battery cases, and more. If you can dream it, the right partner can get it done. As such, custom healthcare solutions help with integrating new technology with legacy equipment, acquiring unique features and capabilities – such as ports, loudspeakers, optimized cameras for telehealth, etc., – getting the right feature to cost ratio, and incorporating healthcare peripherals.

Endless Possibilities

Whatever your needs, when it comes to creating a custom solution for your healthcare organization, the only roadblock is your imagination. Custom firmware opens doors for delivering endless possibilities. If you’re looking to design a one-of-a-kind healthcare solution, custom is the only way to go.

Firmware customization is perfect for sole-purposing, essentially making sure that your solution only runs the applications that are necessary for the tasks at hand. This process is a huge factor in why custom solutions provide longer lifecycles that boost your investment and save you money. Additionally, firmware customization will remove bloatware, provide a custom OS launcher, and can also include a custom boot screen, logo, wallpaper, and buttons.

What has traditionally meant waiting in long lines, loss of privacy, and frustration, can now be done with interactive, easy-to-use patient engagement solutions. Custom touchscreen solutions also improve productivity for staff and providers. Leverage your applications to access patient records, view images, manage prescriptions, and more for a seamless, time-saving, better-functioning alternative to paper-based processes and legacy systems.

Whether you’re looking to leverage a solution to increase patient satisfaction, reduce inefficiencies, modernize processes, or better engage patients in treatment, a custom firmware solution allows you to leverage the applications of your choice (whether your own creation or purchased), build to your design specifications, and ensure a fully-functioning firmware for your solutions to run on. With the right solution provider, a satisfactory solution that engages and empowers both patients and staff is just a phone call away.

Improved Security

When dealing with patient data, security always comes first and with a custom touchscreen solution, security begins with your firmware. Proper firmware customization begins with locking down your enterprise applications at the Operating System (OS) level. This not only provides better security but ensures that only the necessary applications run on your device. The removal of any unwanted apps and the restriction of application installation, in turn, minimizes potential vulnerabilities. Locked down firmware includes installing apps to the system partition to eliminate removal or tampering, thus enhancing performance. Further system modification then provides better security from the application layer down to the kernel level.

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