Why JACS Solutions

Custom Build Capability

JACS Solutions ability and proven record to custom build mobile devices for enterprise customers sets us apart from the competition. From product design to manufacturing, we have a proven track record to deliver custom solutions for healthcare, corrections, transportation and more. Our “secret source” lies in our excellent R&D team, our experience with mobile products, and our in-depth understanding and proactive management of the supply chain. We are passionate to turn your product vision into reality.

Long Product Availability

Every 12-18 months, consumer-grade mobile devices upgrade to the next generation products. For business users, this could mean unnecessary upgrades, added costs, and potential business interruption. Our mobile devices provide longer life cycles and seamless transitions to next-gen products. As a result, our customers benefit from reduced risks and costs.

Purpose Built Devices

JACS Solutions provides firmware customization service that transforms our standard devices into purpose-built devices. Secured at the Operating System level and locked down with customized APKs, your device will be hardened and secure. You can even private label with your branding, on the hardware and the firmware, creating a seamless end-user experience.

One Stop Shop

JACS Solutions provides more than just devices. We also design and build accessories that work hand in hand with devices. Customers get the entire hardware solution without the challenge of managing multiple suppliers. We further provide valuable services such as device firmware customization to secure your device for single-purpose uses. With JACS Solutions, we can be one-stop shop partner with end-to-end product support.

Enterprise-Grade Devices

We understand enterprise customers have different needs from consumers. Majority of the consumer-grade mobile devices on the market are either over-featured or under-featured for businesses. We listen carefully to our customers, and design just the exact sets of features and capabilities they need. As an ISO9001:2015 certified company, we apply best practices to our product development and manufacturing processes to ensure these products will last.

More Cost Savings

JACS Solutions aims to provide quality products with the latest technologies, yet at a cost that fits your business budget. We stay away from over-featured and over-priced designs. You get just what you need, without spending on unnecessary components.