One size does not fit all businesses. JACS Solutions partners closely with our customers to create customized smart device solutions to meet their unique needs. From hardware to software.

We can customize most device features such as memory, camera, connectivity, branding and accessories and build a unique device to serve your specific needs.

We further customize your applications and lock them down securely at the device operating system level and provide you with easy-to-use device remote management tools and services.

Customization Services Info Sheet


Our approach is to lockdown enterprise applications at the OS level to create a custom operating system or firmware image to meet each customer’s needs. With the ability to offer a higher level of control over the Android source code, we can exclude elements of the Operating System that will introduce vulnerabilities and security risks to the overall solution.

This is a more secure approach than traditional mobile device management (MDM) where enterprise applications are placed in the user partition of the device which still leaves the devices open to common security vulnerabilities.

  • Customer’s applications can be installed to the system partition so they cannot be removed or modified
  • Bloatware and unwanted consumer applications are removed from the OS build, minimizing vulnerabilities
  • SystemUl.apk and AD-Verity Security in Android can be modified to provide higher level of security
  • Custom flash storage partitioning is performed to enhance device performance
  • A custom launcher can be integrated to lock the device into a “kiosk mode” to prevent access to unauthorized applications
  • Boot screen image, customer logo and customized wallpaper can be displayed during device boot up to increase brand awareness


JACS Solutions’ cloud-based, Remote Device Management service enables our customers and partners to keep hundreds of service enables our customers and partners to keep hundreds of thousands of purpose-built devices easily and securely updated.

Through the use of Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Updates, we push new features added to the user partition or updated versions of the proprietary software to the system partition when you need it.

  • Gain easy insight into device inventory including deployed application status and software versions
  • Manage devices based on individual ID, user groups or across large scale campaigns
  • Have access to sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities right at your fingertips
  • Ensure failsafe OS upgrades across secure connections and prevents the devices from being “bricked”


The OTA Upgrade Process at JACS is uniquely efficient, enabled by the Smart DIFF Technology.

When the latest firmware, OS, application and setting configuration updates are delivered Over-the-Air, we send only the difference between the original version and the updated version, making the process much quicker and less data-intensive.


JACS Solution user-friendly OTA portal is at the disposal of the customer to upload APKs and firmware updates to dev-ids. Administrators can execute the complex update companies via the portal’s flexible Web interfaces.


At JACS, our products are supported by comprehensive warranty and protection plans.  No matter your coverage needs, we’ve got the plan for you.