JACS Solutions’ cloud-based, MDM-Lite Remote Device Management service enables our customers and partners to keep hundreds and thousands of their purpose-built JACS devices securely updated remotely with a cost-effective solution.

Through the use of Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, customers can push their APK changes to devices already deployed in the field. If the apps had been installed in the device firmware as part of the firmware customization service performed by JACS Solutions, you will be pushing a firmware update Over-the-Air.  You can rest assured your data and apps are always up to date and uncompromised.

  • Gain easy insight into device inventory including deployed application status and software versions
  • Manage devices based on individual ID, user groups or across large scale campaigns
  • Have access to comprehensive data of your devices ready to be exported for further analysis
  • Ensure failsafe OS upgrades across secure connections and prevents the devices from being “bricked”
  • Save cost by using MDM-Lite when your device is purpose-built and does not need a complete MDM system designed for BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) use cases


The OTA Upgrade Process at JACS is uniquely efficient, enabled by the Smart DIFF Technology.

When the latest firmware, OS, application and setting configuration updates are delivered Over-the-Air, we send only the difference between the original version and the updated version, making the process much quicker and less data-intensive.


JACS Solution user-friendly OTA portal is at the disposal of the customer to upload APKs and firmware updates to dev-ids. Administrators can execute the complex update companies via the portal’s flexible Web interfaces.

Keep Your Dedicated Business Devices Updated and Uncompromised.