JACS Solutions’ 5-Step Approach to a Custom Solution

Off-the-shelf devices often offer too many or too few features and capabilities because they are built for mass production and not to fit your unique needs. That’s why custom is better for commercial use. True device customization puts all the power in your hands. The way it should be. We believe in partnering with our customers to understand their needs and work together to build a solution that exceeds expectations. If you’re ready to bring your vision to fruition, then look no further. JACS Solutions has been building customized hardware and firmware solutions for nearly a decade and we’ve perfected our approach to helping you build your custom solution in just 5 easy steps.

Choose Your Device

Decide the type of device and the size screen size of the device if it’s needed. Is it a smartphone, a tablet, a large screen display, or some other connectivity solution? Then, choose from JACS Solutions’ robust product line of connected devices all the way up to a 55” display. Don’t see what you need? Let’s talk. We can help to assess and recommend the ideal devices to meet your business needs.

Choose Your Mode of Connectivity

It’s time to consider how your device will be used and the environment in which it will be used. Are you looking to build a custom tablet for transportation or maybe some other mobile purpose? Then you’ll probably need to consider cellular connectivity. Maybe you’re building a wayfinding solution on a larger display that needs to leverage Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for cost-savings. Or, maybe you’re creating an in-building tablet solution and can leverage your existing Wi-Fi® infrastructure. Whatever the case, JACS Solutions can help you build a solution that leverages cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi®, or PoE.

Customize Your Hardware

Are you looking for non-standard features and capabilities, or maybe you need to find the optimal combination of specifications and cost? Whatever the case, here is where we start to make your device look the part. JACS Solutions’ hardware customization can customize your devices’ operating system, memory, frame, casing, camera, ports, branding, etc. JACS can also build custom accessories to accommodate your devices like vehicle docks, mounts, enclosures, hand straps, extended battery cases, charging carts, and more.

Customize Your Firmware

JACS Solution’s approach to firmware customization begins with locking down the applications at the operating system (OS) level. This allows you to not only receive better security and longer device lifecycles but also include just the applications of your choice. We can work with you to create a custom OS launcher, boot screen, logo, wallpaper, buttons, and manipulate systems settings to better fit your needs. And when your solution is built to your satisfaction, we’ll even load your custom firmware on each of your devices before it’s shipped for a configuration-free deployment.

Manage Your Devices

Now that you’ve built the perfect solution, it’s time to plan how to maintain your creation. JACS Solutions offers remote device management to keep hundreds of thousands of purpose-built devices easily and securely updated. We leverage Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) to remotely push firmware updates to your devices. To make this process as efficient as possible, we use Smart DIFF technology that sends only the difference between the original version and the new version for timely and conservative updates. JACS Solutions also provides remote monitoring for application and device deployment statuses and gives you complete control of update progress and configuration, including times and region of updates, unattended updates, and use of network data.

To learn more about our custom solutions or to get started, call 443.718.4333, email info@jacs-solutions.com, or visit us on the web at www.jacs-solutions.com.